Wednesday, August 18, 2021

San Fran Through New Eyes

 So now we are on to the very last batch of the "wedding weekend" photos.  After we were done wine tasting in the previous post, we headed south into San Francisco, and stopped for some breathtaking views along the way to San Bruno where we stayed the night, before heading into San Francisco the next day.  This was my brother and sister-in-law's first trip into the city.  Let's go ahead and get started:

A wide view of the overlook viewing the Golden Gate Bridge, with San Fran in the background

Closer view of the Bridge, with Alcatraz in the distance.

A different focus, this time with San Francisco in the distance.

The view from behind us, I liked how the people are silhouetted here.

Dad pointing out the Bridge while Aidan gives him a funny look.  I always seem to capture moments like these between them. 😍

...and also these moments as well!  There is no shortage of laughter in my family.

Capturing a near-silhouette of everyone walking through the tunnel.

Catching the setting sun & creating some nice contrasts!

Just a closeup of a bench near the area.

Focusing more on the rolling hills throughout the area.

Boys and their toys! (I like how it actually looks like there's smoke coming out of the barrel, from the white graffiti behind him)

Sunrise the next morning in San Bruno!

He's so goofy!  Jacques was making faces at him here while riding the BART train into San Fran.

Such an adorable yet mischievous grin!

I am not sure why all of these locks were hung on the fence, but it made for a neat photo.  This was by Pier 39 where you can view all of the resting sea lions.

Just another view from the pier, with Alcatraz.

More locks!

These are usually covered with sea lions, but it looked a little lonely that day.

On the way down the hill in the cable car, capturing the moment of a little boy's awestruck joy and wonder! 💓 (also 3 generations in one photo!)

Last but not least, this was my favorite photo of the day, taken outside the restaurant that we ate dinner at, in Pacifica.  And yes, we could see this view from inside the building as well!

I will always remember the wonderful memories created with my family on this trip, and it has been especially comforting these last couple years that I haven't been able to see them.  I'm looking forward to another adventure that we can have together and explore places that we haven't seen before, whenever that may be. 💖

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