Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Wine-Tasting Our Way South(west)

This batch of photos, still from March 2017, is from the day after the wedding.  The plan was to do some wine tasting on our way down to San Francisco from 'wine country.'  My dad loves wine, so this part of the trip was pretty much for him. 😊  But that's okay because I was perfectly happy taking pictures of the scenery outside!  The area is beautiful, so there was no shortage of opportunities.  My mom and I hung out with Aidan while everyone else had fun tasting the wines available from the places we visited.  Later that year, in October, this same area was ravaged by wildfires, so looking back at these photos is a little bittersweet.  We haven't been back there since these photos were taken.

The first stop we made was at this beautiful winery, Domaine Carneros, off of Hwy 12 in Napa. 

A cute moment between my dad and Aidan.

He's such a happy kid!

I love love love weeping willows! 💖

I call this one, "photographer Aidan."  This was taken while we stopped for lunch in Yountville. 

Another stop on our wine tasting adventure, this one called Menage A Trois.  It is now permanently closed.

Part of the grounds surrounding Menage A Trois.

Aidan had a good time playing in this fountain...

Capturing the water as it bubbled up into the rest of the fountain.

More of Aidan's playing with water, along with my mom holding him up to that little nook area.

My brother and sister-in-law posing with the vineyard.

Dad & my brother relaxing with their wine.

He wore himself out by the end of this visit. 😄

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