Monday, November 17, 2008


Wow, so first off, I want to apologize for never really posting in here. My life gets so hectic sometimes and it feels like I never have time for any of the things I used to have time for. My classes this semester have been taking up ALOT of my time, which means I haven't been able to take any photos at all. Plus there have been a few issues that I've needed to work out. camera's gone missing. So that's the other major reason there haven't been any posts here in about 6 months. I've completely torn up my apartment in hopes of randomly finding it, thinking I've just misplaced it or something. But I'm having no luck in that department whatsoever. It's really a mystery to me because I have no idea where it could have gone. And there are no signs of anyone breaking in to steal it (although I'm not sure why they'd take the camera and not the battery charger or USB cords). It's driving me crazy. I think I might have some idea of how it went missing, but I'm hoping that that doesn't end up being true. Anyway.. just wanted to write a quick update for whoever happens to still check this blog! =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's been awhile since I've posted... mainly because I'm just too lazy. =P But I've finally managed to get myself to post some of the pictures that I took on my latest trip to OKC, where I happened to catch photos of my mom's flowers in her backyard, right after a rainfall. I'm not sure I know all of the official names of all the flowers, so I'm not even gonna attempt to get them right. Heh.

I really have no idea what this was, but it caught my eye because of its unique shape:

Just an interesting "mini-tree":

I played around with the colors (in Photoshop) a bit on this one in an attempt to make it look more...artsy:

The last photos are from after the rainfall, and the first few ones were before, if you couldn't already tell that from the absence of raindrops on the leaves. =)
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