Sunday, December 06, 2015

Randoms of 2015

So as 2015 rapidly comes to a close, I feel like I need to use this post to display all of the random photos that I've taken throughout the year. (Well, not ALL of them, at least the highlights!)

These are photos that for some reason or another, never made it to any social media platform, probably because they were just too random.  But in an odd way I feel like I should give them a purpose now, by acting as a sort of review of my year.  That being said, there are a select few that I did share, but I still wanted to include them.  I can't say that it was a particularly good or bad year... I'm leaning more towards just plain neutral.  I tried to get into fitness, exercising more and seriously keeping track of my food intake, but I won't lie, I've been slacking in that department the past couple months.  However, I'm planning to get back on track starting tomorrow.

Anyway, before I ramble off-topic, let's get started with the photos!

First off, here is a map following Route 66 across the United States, located at Route 66 State Park in Oklahoma City, OK.  My mom and I discovered this interesting park in January when I was visiting for a late Christmas celebration.

Then, in February, I finally started putting together a DIY menu planner in an attempt to prevent us going out to eat so much.  This was the start of putting it all together...

...which eventually turned into this:

Now here's a random shot of my margarita at Chili's where Jacques and I were having dinner on St. Patrick's Day in March.  If you look closely at the salt around the glass, you can see little specks of green (Jacques said it was reflecting from the lighting, but I still believe it was decorated in honor of St. Patrick's Day).  I think this is when we bought the margarita shaker in the background as well, with plans of using it to make our own mojitos.

In May, we had our own little stowaway that wouldn't leave us alone.  This cat loved Erin and would wait for her to get home from school every day.  I have to admit, it was cute.  I don't know whatever happened to that little guy.

This was taken during one of our family walks we were taking every evening, a random sunset that I stopped to capture.

I just had to include this photo because it was one of the best days of this year.  This was taken in June at BFD, which is an all-day rock concert, hosted by one of our local radio stations each year.  It was definitely the most fun I've had all year, along with the worst sunburn, as you can see by my face being the same color as our seats...

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