Thursday, March 23, 2017

♥ When Two Become One ♥

So... again, I'm going to have to briefly break the cycle of posting in order, because of a rather life-changing event that happened exactly a week ago.  I'm sure you can guess from the title of this post where I'm going with this... Jacques and I finally tied the knot, after nearly 8 years together!  And I couldn't resist not sharing the photos right now.  So here goes!

First off, I was not expecting to get much in the way of pictures, because Jacques hates getting his photo taken, and I was a bit self-conscious about me in a dress (I am so NOT a dress person!) but I have to say that I'm beyond happy with how they turned out.  My sister-in-law took over the photography and she did such an amazing job, and got more pictures than I could ever have imagined!

This might turn into a rather long post, so bear with me!  It's so difficult to narrow it down sometimes.  Starting off, here are the "pre-ceremony" shots:

In the midst of getting my hair done at the salon, courtesy of my sister-in-law who paid for the visit as a wedding gift!

Final result!  This is the best shot of the back of my hair.

Dad & I, when I was stuck in my room before going downstairs.  We kinda went picture-crazy...

Dad & I again, I love this capture!

My parents & I!

Mom & I <3 (still in my room)

My sister-in-law, Jennifer & I

Two of the amazing women who helped me through the planning process!! 

I was so in love with my bouquet and how it turned out! <3  SO. IN. LOVE.
(this capture was actually taken by me, still bored in my room upstairs before the ceremony started)

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