Thursday, March 23, 2017

♥ When Two Become One ♥

So... again, I'm going to have to briefly break the cycle of posting in order, because of a rather life-changing event that happened exactly a week ago.  I'm sure you can guess from the title of this post where I'm going with this... Jacques and I finally tied the knot, after nearly 8 years together!  And I couldn't resist not sharing the photos right now.  So here goes!

First off, I was not expecting to get much in the way of pictures, because Jacques hates getting his photo taken, and I was a bit self-conscious about me in a dress (I am so NOT a dress person!) but I have to say that I'm beyond happy with how they turned out.  My sister-in-law took over the photography and she did such an amazing job, and got more pictures than I could ever have imagined!

This might turn into a rather long post, so bear with me!  It's so difficult to narrow it down sometimes.  Starting off, here are the "pre-ceremony" shots:

In the midst of getting my hair done at the salon, courtesy of my sister-in-law who paid for the visit as a wedding gift!

Final result!  This is the best shot of the back of my hair.

Dad & I, when I was stuck in my room before going downstairs.  We kinda went picture-crazy...

Dad & I again, I love this capture!

My parents & I!

Mom & I <3 (still in my room)

My sister-in-law, Jennifer & I

Two of the amazing women who helped me through the planning process!! 

I was so in love with my bouquet and how it turned out! <3  SO. IN. LOVE.
(this capture was actually taken by me, still bored in my room upstairs before the ceremony started)

Moving on to see what's going on downstairs...

The scene of the ceremony, from behind!

My dad having a chat with the minister before everything started.

Aidan helping himself to some finger foods!

The table with the cake and complimentary champagne for the toasts later on.

These are two "cool cats" right here...

Adorable capture of father & son!

My brother and Aidan about to walk my mom down to her seat <3
Dad helping me down the stairs, & Aidan handing me the "wedding horseshoe" which signified good luck (Scottish tradition)

Dad & I, pausing for a photo opp before walking down the aisle...

The ceremony in progress

Now officially Mr. & Mrs. Magill! <3

Another photo opp!
Our whole group, from both sides of the family.

Posing for a photo with our parents around us

Jacques's mother Elizabeth, Jacques & I

Semi-candid photo of us talking to the minister after the ceremony

My dad starting off the toasts!

This was an adorable moment where Aidan randomly walked up to my dad during his toast, held out his glass and said "Cheers!" and walked away smiling! =P

Jacques got a "Cheers!" from Aidan as well!

My dad toasting Reno for gifting us with our gorgeous wedding rings, and for being an all-around amazing person!

Candid photo of my brother in the middle of his toast.
About the best photo that my brother and I have ever taken together!

Dad photobombing our photo! (He had no idea what that meant)

The original four. <3

A really good shot of the Magills!  There is no shortage of laughter amongst these three!

Jacques & I with Reno

Posing with the minister, who did such a great job of making our ceremony unique and personal!

This took a couple of tries to get it right...

See?! :)

Aidan called this putting himself "in jail" =P

Posing with my new in-laws!

close-up of my bouquet and ring!

"Aidan approved!"

The other amazing woman, my new mother-in-law who helped me through this whole ordeal!

Jennifer & I

Dad trying to steal my cake!  (He was unsuccessful)

An absolute favorite of my dad & I <3
Finally got a decent photo of Aidan & I!  Although my mom almost cut my head off...

And another semi-decent one of my nephew and I! <3

Dad showing Jacques how he really feels...

... and he got over that quickly. ;)

And now these are last-minute "bridal" photos that Jenn wanted to take, before I changed out of my dress.  I love how these turned out, even for me not being a dress person!

(this one's my favorite!)

(second fav!)

And that's all!  Well, not totally, but any more and this post will be entirely too long.  But that's the gist of the wedding!  It turned out to be a wonderfully beautiful day and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved every minute of that day.

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