Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bodega Bay: Blissful Closure

So here's the last of our weekend getaway.  We started out the day in Bodega Bay once again, but this time we traveled further north up the PCH, to places that I had never been before, in all the years of living out here.  The scenery is just as beautiful as it is in the rest of California's coasts, as you will see... right now!

The drive up the coast took awhile because there were so many places that tempted us to hop out of the car and take some quick photos, so here are the best of those little stops:

Catching the fog along with this mid-morning view of the ocean.
Closeup of some of the waves crashing against the rocks.
Me posing with an absolutely beautiful background!
Another closeup of the waves against an interesting rock formation.
More beauty of the northern coast, in Point Arena.
Closer view of the Point Arena Lighthouse - we ate breakfast not far from here.
The other side of the cliff giving a slightly silhouetted view of the ocean, thanks to the position of the sun.

And now here's the area around our final destination for the day, in Mendocino, California.  This was a gorgeous little town that had some breathtaking views of the ocean.  I would not mind living here!

Red berries with an old hotel in the background... I liked the colors in this one.
Quick selfie of me with the town behind me and some of the ocean.. I couldn't resist!

This would have looked better without that piece of litter behind the bench.
Jacques & I enjoying the views!
A little cliff along the Mendocino shoreline.. I like how I caught the two people silhouetted on the left.
Walkway down to the slightly secluded cove.
The ocean, with the heart of the town beyond it.
♫ catch a wave and you're sittin' on top of the world...
View along the walkway on the cliff, looking over at the road that took us into the city.
Another view from the cliff, looking back at Mendocino.
Partially enclosed pool of water that looked very peaceful!
Driving back down the mountains through the redwood trees... so pretty!

And that's all for our weekend in Bodega Bay and its surrounding areas.  It was so great to get away for the weekend, forgetting about reality and just living in the moment with each other.  Which is what made it much more difficult to come home to the normalcy of life afterwards.

Next up:  a small park in Clayton, capturing the beauty of the mundane!

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