Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discovering Pennsylvania, Day 2

So I've realized after looking through a few older posts that I totally forgot to continue the photos that I took from my mom's visit here back in June/July of last year. I need to stop letting myself get so behind on this blog. -.- But I don't want to interrupt the photos from PA, so I'll continue with those, and then post the rest of my mom's visit afterwards... plus some photos from a spontaneous trip to Oregon.

Anyway, back to Pennsylvania's trip. Day 2 revolved all around Pittsburgh. My dad lives about an hour north of the city, so we started early.

We stopped in Carnegie first before getting into Pittsburgh to get a photo of this beautiful Russian Orthodox church.

And this equally beautiful Ukrainian Orthodox church right next door.

Going through the Fort Pitt tunnel into Pittsburgh, I liked how this turned out.

Me in an eyeball chair right outside the parking garage that my dad parks at every day.

This was a beautiful old church right in the middle of downtown... the photo does not do it justice!

The cracked and broken tombstone of a Revolutionary War Veteran, in an old cemetery located right next to the beautiful old church.

Side view of the church... I liked how the new buildings were mixed right in with the old. It was like that all over downtown.

Market Square. I forget what that glass building was called but it was pretty!

Same building, closer and from a different angle.

Dad and I with the Christmas tree. A nice guy offered to take this shot for us.

Walking along the river. It was really cold down there. I wanted to walk further but Dad was getting too cold and we were running out of time anyway.

Very creepy depiction of Mister Rogers.

Me with Pittsburgh in the background, taken up on Mt. Washington.

Closeup of the Steelers stadium, from the lookout at Mt. Washington.

Pittsburgh at a glance - the city of bridges.

Driving towards the 16th Street Bridge.

Beautiful heavy door that still worked, built back in 1869. It opened into a very old cemetery. (this was after leaving Pittsburgh, in the city of Harmony)

View of the fence surrounding the cemetery.

It was a great day and I really loved all the quality time I got to spend with my dad. :] Him being all the way across the country really gets to me sometimes, but it's trips like this that make it better. Look for lots of snow photos in the next update, Day 3 in PA!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New and Improved?

Hi everyone. So I've decided to try and utilize the new template designer on this blog. I want the extra features that it offers, but this means I will probably have to give up a few of the customizations that I currently have. I'm still in the process of working on a test blog to try and keep some of the features that I have now, but I'm having a problem with my header image. Apparently having the image reach over the entire page is not possible. So I will probably have to condense the image down to blogger's maximum size.

Anyway, just figured I would update a little. Things are going okay here. I've recently started tracking food and exercise in an attempt to get in shape. It's something I tried doing awhile back, but eventually gave up. That's not going to happen this time. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin again, as well as build up my confidence. I recently acquired a Wii as well, and have been using that to get in some exercise on my days off. I'm waiting for about two more paychecks until I can buy the Wii Fit Plus and possibly My Fitness Coach as well.

That's about all I have to say for now. Back to working on my design layout!
Done with the update! Added a new feature where you have the option to sign up via e-mail and get notified of my new updates! Look for it on the left. Also, you can now add comments to each post, so if you have a critique or any comments at all, please feel free to let me know! :]

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Discovering Pennsylvania, Day 1

So back in January I took a trip to visit my dad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was the first time I'd gone to visit him there since he moved across the country from me and I was really really excited about visiting a place that I hadn't been before. I think I was more excited for the snow, to be honest! My brother and his wife had gone to visit him the week before and one of the days, they went skiing... I was so jealous! And then when I arrive in Pittsburgh, the snow is ALL GONE. Of course, that is just my luck. But the good thing was that it came back throughout my trip so I did get to capture some beautiful snow photos!

Starting off, I had to get a photo of my dad's new puppy, Albert. He was soooo cute and sweet! Kinda rambunctious also.

I kept wanting to call him Alby for some reason.

I took this one mainly for that tree in the middle. There was something about it that drew my eye to it every time I saw it. This is part of my dad's backyard.

An old barn that looked interesting.

This is the courthouse in Franklin, PA. Notice how the right tower was built higher than the left -- the reason for that dates back to the Civil War.

I love capturing pathways. This was taken at the little park area next to the courthouse.

Memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War, edited for more emphasis.

Closeup of the writing on the memorial.

The Franklin courthouse from a different angle.

Fountain near the courthouse... I was told that it's prettier in the spring/summer when there's water running from it. It was too cold when I was there to have the water running.

Random alley among the Franklin city streets.

Scene I noticed while driving around and made my dad stop so I could capture it!

Railroad tracks with an old abandoned train station in the background. I love railroad tracks photos!

The same railroad tracks, the sun decided to come out between taking the previous photo and this one.

So I jumped out of the car on a bridge to catch a view of the scenery and immediately almost jumped right back in when I looked down to see that this is what the bottom of the bridge looked like. I thought I was going to fall through!

The rest of the bridge.

An old railroad bridge that is no longer in use.

The Eagle Hotel in Waterford, PA -- no longer in use, it dates back to 1826.

Now we're up in Presque Isle State Park by Lake Erie... this is the peaceful side of it.

Other side of Lake Erie, rocks with ice and snow built up around it. This was also the COLD side of Lake Erie.

Dad and I with Lake Erie!

It was sooooo pretty with the snow floating on the water, and all the ice dunes on the shore.

More of the floating snow on the water...

Result of the waves crashing in between the ice dunes... very slippery!

I caught a hint of the sunset in this one... soooo pretty.

The perfect end to a great first day in Pennsylvania.

-smiles- More to come later.

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