Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Discovering Pennsylvania, Day 1

So back in January I took a trip to visit my dad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was the first time I'd gone to visit him there since he moved across the country from me and I was really really excited about visiting a place that I hadn't been before. I think I was more excited for the snow, to be honest! My brother and his wife had gone to visit him the week before and one of the days, they went skiing... I was so jealous! And then when I arrive in Pittsburgh, the snow is ALL GONE. Of course, that is just my luck. But the good thing was that it came back throughout my trip so I did get to capture some beautiful snow photos!

Starting off, I had to get a photo of my dad's new puppy, Albert. He was soooo cute and sweet! Kinda rambunctious also.

I kept wanting to call him Alby for some reason.

I took this one mainly for that tree in the middle. There was something about it that drew my eye to it every time I saw it. This is part of my dad's backyard.

An old barn that looked interesting.

This is the courthouse in Franklin, PA. Notice how the right tower was built higher than the left -- the reason for that dates back to the Civil War.

I love capturing pathways. This was taken at the little park area next to the courthouse.

Memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Civil War, edited for more emphasis.

Closeup of the writing on the memorial.

The Franklin courthouse from a different angle.

Fountain near the courthouse... I was told that it's prettier in the spring/summer when there's water running from it. It was too cold when I was there to have the water running.

Random alley among the Franklin city streets.

Scene I noticed while driving around and made my dad stop so I could capture it!

Railroad tracks with an old abandoned train station in the background. I love railroad tracks photos!

The same railroad tracks, the sun decided to come out between taking the previous photo and this one.

So I jumped out of the car on a bridge to catch a view of the scenery and immediately almost jumped right back in when I looked down to see that this is what the bottom of the bridge looked like. I thought I was going to fall through!

The rest of the bridge.

An old railroad bridge that is no longer in use.

The Eagle Hotel in Waterford, PA -- no longer in use, it dates back to 1826.

Now we're up in Presque Isle State Park by Lake Erie... this is the peaceful side of it.

Other side of Lake Erie, rocks with ice and snow built up around it. This was also the COLD side of Lake Erie.

Dad and I with Lake Erie!

It was sooooo pretty with the snow floating on the water, and all the ice dunes on the shore.

More of the floating snow on the water...

Result of the waves crashing in between the ice dunes... very slippery!

I caught a hint of the sunset in this one... soooo pretty.

The perfect end to a great first day in Pennsylvania.

-smiles- More to come later.

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