Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Even though I've had to work every day besides today, I had a great Christmas with my family. My mom and brother Aron came down here to my apartment to celebrate with me. They arrived late Saturday afternoon, and left around noon today, after eating the leftovers from our Christmas dinner last night. We watched alot of movies, because I didn't really know the area around me well enough to know where the good christmas-light-decoration places are. But I still had fun, being able to spend time with them. So, on with the pictures:

This was our little Christmas-tree area, with all of our presents. I didn't really have an actual "tree"--the one you see in this picture is a 32" fiber optic one that my mom let me borrow just for this occasion.

Me, my mom, and Aron gathered behind the tree for our traditional family Christmas picture. There was hardly any room in that little corner, and after I'd set up the timer on the camera, I had to jump over the presents, almost knocking over the tree in the process! It was kinda comical. heh. Luckily, it only took us two attempts to get this shot.

This is me looking at my present from my mom. There's a story behind it. As most of you all know (and for those who don't), I am originally from Oklahoma...which was founded in 1907. Soooo, 2007 is going to be its 100th year as a state, and my mom got me (and my brother) a shirt that celebrates the Oklahoma Centennial. I am planning on going to the celebration, whenever I find out when and where it's going to be held.

Aron gets a gift card for KOHL'S, from my mom:

This expression on my brother's face is what I had been waiting for ever since I bought him his present. Here he is in the process of opening the gift I got him, already glimpsing what it is...

...and now he's showing it off for the camera. It has the concept of a wind chime, minus the noisy clinging. And this particular one came equipped with Aron's favorite college football team's logo, OU, which is short for Oklahoma University. I was extremely surprised to find it here in Texas.

My mom got a similar gift as my brother. Except the logo is for Arkansas, which is where she is originally from.

Just a quick picture of me and mom, before they left this morning:

My brother and my mom, again before leaving to go back to Oklahoma City:

I'm happy that they came down here to see me, but I'm kinda sad because I didn't get to see my pup. I am used to seeing her every holiday...and it just didn't feel right. It didn't even feel like Christmas in the first place. Time is just managing to fly right past me lately. Anyway, that's it for now...hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

modernized + spain souvenir

So Keith and I were randomly walking to the laundry facility at his apartment, on a mission to get a couple bottles of soda, when we saw this unique dryer door.

I guess this is the new way of letting people know when things are out-of-order. heh.

This is what my dad brought back for me from Barcelona. It's so pretty, and it's the perfect gift for me. One, because I love picture frames in general, and also because green is my absolute favorite color. And it really does remind me of that unique tiling that is found in Spain. But of course, I would have loved anything that my dad brought me, because as I see things with gift-giving, it's always the thought that counts.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

hello & welcome

I finally finished this new layout for my new photoblog. Yeah, yeah I know, I've had alot of these in the past, but this one is here to stay, I can feel it. I've spent about the past 5 hours on this design, piecing it all together and hoping it fit just right. I'm still trying to figure out how to get automatic borders on the pictures that I will be posting here, because so far, it hasn't worked. If anyone has any word on that, I would appreciate if you'd leave a comment for me and let me know. If not, I'll still keep trying to figure it out. Actually, scratch that, I think I may have figured out a makeshift way of fixing it. But I still don't know how to make the pictures have automatic borders, like on other Blogspot blogs that I have seen.

Anyways...expect lots of new photos to make their way here in the near future. Until then...

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