Thursday, October 15, 2015

PCH + Family + Road Trip = Fun

Okay, first off... sorry it's been almost an entire year since I posted here.  And at the same time, I can't even believe it's already been a year since our San Diego trip!  I always say that I'm going to try and keep up with the blog more and it always ends up being a false promise... though completely unintentional!  The time seems to tick on by without me noticing these days.  Maybe part of the problem is that we haven't gone on any photography road trips in quite some time.  I miss the days when we'd travel to some beautiful destination every weekend, for the sole purpose of [me] capturing the breathtaking scenery.  I'm pretty sure we haven't explored all that there is to see here in this little ole state of California either.  =P

But I do have some photos from a trip that we took when Jacques's aunt came to visit from Australia back in the middle of June [2015], where we traveled down to Monterey, stopping at Carmel along the way.  Now, we'd already made this trip back when my mom came to visit as well, at least 2 years ago, so I had to get a little more creative when looking for photo opps.

 So we started out the trip driving along the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), which runs along the coast (obviously), stopping at random places to capture the beauty of the ocean.  Here's the first random scene we stopped at:

As you can see it was incredibly foggy, but it still makes a beautiful view!
And of course, Erin wanted a photo so I obliged. =P
Another random scene along the way!
And of course, I can never resist capturing flowers anywhere I see them... this gorgeous one was found outside of a jam-tasting place that we decided to stop at, and ended up getting some delicious chocolate-covered strawberries.

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