Friday, November 15, 2013

Crate Troubles

So Dozer's huge crate arrived yesterday afternoon and we put it together last night.  It was... interesting, to say the least.  All while the both of us had migraines, which I still have this morning, and no amount of coffee or acetaminophen seems to help whatsoever.  Anyway... today I'm trying to get Dozer comfortable with his new "home."  And it's more tiring than I thought, especially with the effects of the pain in my head.

Here's a view of the hugeness of the crate, for reference:

Obviously, it's not like he doesn't have any room at all inside it... I just can't seem to get him to stay in there unless I'm actually in with him, or unless there's a treat in the back corner that's just outside the crate and he can smell it and goes crazy trying to dig it out.  (Which did happen, and I eventually had to get some tweezers to coax it out)

Though I did get him to actually sit and lay down inside, but that was only after bribing him with the notion of food by rattling his bowl.  He keeps laying down right in front of the opening though, so at least it's good that he's not totally rejecting the idea.  He tends to freak out a bit when we actually close the door and latch it, and I really hope we can break him of that before next Wednesday, because I'm going to be in OK for 5 days, which means he'll be having to spend some quality time in there, since I won't be around for him to roam free.

I think part of the problem right now is that we don't have proper bedding in there to make it completely comfortable for him, but we plan on building a "cot" this weekend for him to use, and hopefully that will make him feel more at home in there.

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