Wednesday, May 04, 2011

First Ever Dot Com + Frustration

So, first off, I don't have any photos ready to update with. I just need to vent, really.

I guess the biggest news I have right now is that I recently bought my first ever .com domain. It's been awesome, I love seeing it. But the reason for it is that I wanted a better place to be able to build an online portfolio of my photos/designs. I was using the portfolio that deviantART provided, but they only allowed a certain amount of photos in each gallery. So I bought a 3 month subscription, thinking I would have unlimited space — not the case. I found out I'd have to make multiple portfolios and the limit was still the same per gallery. So that's what brought me to buying my own domain which allows me to have NO limits because I'm in control. It's not ready for the public yet though, because first I'm having to go through ALL of my photos and see which ones are "worthy" to have in my portfolio... and we're talking over 10,000 pictures. Yeah, it's a bit overwhelming. Especially since I really only have 2 full days off from work.

I'm also kind of frustrated at people who misconstrue my tendency of being too nice. Just because I actually listen to you vent about your problems and try to help you by giving the best advice that I can does not mean that I am romantically interested. It's called being a good friend. I don't understand how that gets so misunderstood. And after only a week of knowing each other. It turned into a situation that was more than a little creepy. And then to throw it all away because the guy could not be just a friend. It's sad that people think that way, but I still hope that he will be able to find happiness somewhere down the road. And that's me being too nice once again. Sigh.

Anyway... I'm really excited to have this new domain up and running. The site is in maintenance mode right now, but if you're still interested in seeing what I have so far, click here. Although it may change drastically before I'm even done reviewing photos! Speaking of that, I better continue while I still have the extra time before having to put in 3 hours of work today.
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