Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Out with the Old, In with the New

So as the cliché title states, we've said goodbye to 2012 and are welcoming 2013.  It seems like the year flew by incredibly fast for me, but I guess that's just what's to be expected as you get older.  We got into the Christmas season a bit more this year though, specifically by actually getting a Christmas tree for our living room (a REAL one) and decorating the mantle with a more Christmas-y feel, as well as stockings.

I also took advantage of our beautiful decorating by taking photos of some of our ornaments and presents under the tree, simply because I was feeling the holiday spirit one afternoon...

I'm not really planning on making any New Year's resolutions, besides for the usual one I make every year, which is trying to keep up with this blog more often and being less of a procrastinator!  I did a pretty good job in 2012, until the last months when I was a bit busier than the rest of the year...

We'll see how good I'll be in 2013. ;)  In the meantime, I hope everyone who happens to stumble upon my little photoblog had a very Happy New Year's Eve last night!

Here's to the start of a brand-new year...

-trails off as I get some more Moscato-

This just in: I've decided to re-start the photo-a-day challenges set forth by Fat Mum Slim, this being a brand-new year and all.  I'll be posting the photos on various social media websites that I participate in, so if you are interested in following me (Instagram » apey83 / Twitter » april_denise83), feel free to do so and I will make sure to return the favor.  Thank you!
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