Thursday, April 12, 2018

Visions from the Highway

Moving on to the beginning of 2017, to when we drove halfway across the country to Oklahoma City to be with my family for Christmas, which was the first time I'd actually been with them on Christmas Day in several years.  Previously, I had flown out there sometime in January or February to have a late Christmas.  But  for 2016's Christmas, my dad stated that it was mandatory for me to actually be there on the day.

So anyway... these are actually from the drive back home after our visit in OKC, but I'm sharing them first, because I can. 😊  It's a very long and tiresome drive, but the views are spectacular!  Here are a few of the best that I captured:

[ Keep in mind that these are not in the correct order from when I took the photos, on purpose. ]

A train moving alongside the highway, I believe this was near Bakersfield, California.

The same train, closer and more head-on view.

This was taken in Groom, Texas; I liked the way the tower was leaning.
Apparently, this was built like this intentionally, after some quick research into what has come to be called "The Leaning Tower of Texas."  I had no idea!

A pretty sunset in Barstow, California!

Our view after just leaving Flagstaff, Arizona; around the Coconino National Forest.

This beautiful view (and the rest following it), from a scenic vista point somewhere in Arizona, I believe just after coming out of Sedona. 

I wanted to capture that twisty winding road that runs through the hills.  I think we had just driven up it also!

That's all for now!

Next up: 

a tribute post to the memorial of the OKC bombing tragedy back on April 19, 1995.

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