Thursday, January 04, 2018

Scoping Out Napa

Starting in September of 2016, we began making regular trips up to Napa, California.  The reason for this was because we had decided to have our wedding at a beautiful bed & breakfast there, planning on taking everyone out for a late lunch/early dinner afterwards.  Well, we didn't know the area well enough to choose a restaurant without having already eaten there.  Hence, the trips to Napa to scope out what they had to offer.  Of course, we also walked around the area and got a feel for what it's like up there, so here are the photos that I took on our various visits!

Cute little pathway hidden in the outskirts of the downtown area.

Love the adorable bulldog I caught in this shot, looking up intently at its owner! 😝

Of course, I could not ignore the flora...

Back view of the Napa River Inn, an elegant hotel within the 19th-century Historic Napa Mill. 

The view from the other side, clear shot of the fish sculpture.

This piece of artwork was absolutely STUNNING!  I wanted to just sit & stare at it all day.

Closeup of that beauty!  Did you know it was made from tons of tiny tiles?!  Be sure to look at the full-view photo on this one.

Another closeup because I couldn't resist!

View from walking along the Napa River.

The walkway next to the Napa River.  There were a lot of beautiful restaurants along this route.

Another view of the walkway.

Now we're in the town of Yountville, which is around 10 miles northwest of Napa.  It's a quaint little town with lots of wine-tasting rooms and cute restaurants.

Another fish sculpture spotted!

I believe this was a sculpture of George Yount, who founded the town.

Pretty rose in the little park we walked through.

Walking back through the town to the car, I saw this tree and loved all the twisty-turns of the branches.

I don't know what this building was, but it was pretty!

Vineyards right along the street through town!

Loved capturing the shadows in this one.

One last look at the vineyards across the street.
Ironically, after all this effort to try out restaurants in Napa, we ended up picking a place that we hadn't eaten at before.  But it was owned by the same people who ran another wonderful restaurant that served Turkish & Greek dishes, where we did eat and loved the food.  We decided against it though, because of the limited variety of dishes, but the other place had lots of variety and ended up being really good as well.

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