Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day On the Rocks

Jacques & I posing on the rocks!
So my dad came out to visit at the beginning of this month, mainly for business, but he also wanted to come see the new house and everything.  So after he took care of that business, we spent a few days together.  We traveled up to the top of Mount Diablo here in the East Bay, though we were not able to go out on the observation deck because they had it closed off. I really wish my dad and Laurel could have seen the view from that deck area because it is truly breathtaking. Ever since I'd been there last August, I knew I had to take my dad to Rock City, seeing as he's a geologist and I knew he'd love it up there.  So here are some photos that I took this time around.

Capturing the sun on a hazy day.  With a slight hint of color.

My dad walking along the trail at the top of the mountain.

Looking down from the trail.

Haha.. my dad and Erin posing on the cliff (even though you can't see the edge).  She's afraid of heights so he's pretending to nudge her off towards the edge.

Overlook of the incredibly foggy view at a high point of the trail.

I actually really liked how this one turned out, with the middle part as the only area that's in focus.  It's a closeup of the bench seat of a picnic table around Rock City.

More of the view at Rock City.  I actually climbed up the side of this huge boulder and kind of got stuck on how to get down... haha.

An interesting rock formation where Jacques and I posed for the photo at the beginning of this post.

Just a beautiful view in Rock City!
I also took my dad and Laurel wine tasting one of the days they were here, since I know that they love to do that whenever they are here.  I actually went with them this time as well, starting off at a local winery here in Brentwood, where I was surprised to find that I liked their rose wine.  My dad bought me the bottle as well, but it's already gone now, thanks to a small pre-housewarming party Jacques and I held a few weeks ago.  We will definitely have to go back and get another bottle sometime soon.

That's all I have for today.  I'll be putting together another post within the next couple days, a sort of compilation of 2011 and what the year has brought for us!

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