Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

Back in February, my dad and I took a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. In addition to having a father-daughter day to ourselves, it also served as a chance for me to get to know my new camera that he had given me for Christmas. So here are the results of that outing. I was quite pleased with the outcome.

We started out with this little fella doing some morning stretches...

Distracted cheetah

And on the other side there was this cheetah, who seems distracted...


I don't remember exactly what kind this was but he sure is colorful.

Orangutan hanging out.

An orangutan just hanging out and posing for everyone.

Cute meerkat!

The only decent picture I could catch of this too-cute meerkat! He was so fast.

Happy elephant.

A happy (asian) elephant playing around.

These next few photos are a series of sorts, with these adorable young tigers who were annoying the crap out of each other. I could have sat there and took pictures of them all day!


Tigers will be tigers?!

Tiger bite!

Tiger smack!!

Another smack!

Wise white tiger.

Then there was this beautiful white tiger just sitting on this cliff overlooking the younger ones.. I could almost imagine him just shaking his head at their silliness. =P

Male lion!

A male lion that I caught right before he started hiding.


Those massive antlers are what caught my eye in this one. I don't remember what exactly the animal is though...

Here's another series, this time with parrots, in the area of the zoo called "Parrot Paradise."

Parrot love.


...but this one scored!

I'd think twice before crossing this guy...


An eagle that I caught staring intently at something...

Dancing flamingo!

This reminded me of a ballerina... just looks so graceful and poised. (Actually, this was the moment just before tucking its leg in to go to sleep)

Colorful macaw.

A colorful macaw grooming itself.

Dancing flamingo!

This macaw wasn't shy at all.

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