Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aidan Wesley's Debut

So let me just say first off, it's been a crazy couple of days here in OKC for the Bridges family.

At around 6:30pm, I started out my visit back home by rushing off to my brother's house, literally from the airport, because my sister-in-law started having some contractions.  They were keeping track of them and using the 5-1-1 rule for when to take her to the hospital.  So since I hadn't eaten yet, and Jenn really didn't feel like eating anyway, my mom, my dad and I went out to dinner, all the while, ready to rush to the hospital at the first text or phone call from my brother.  We finally get the call, and arrive at the hospital around 9:00pm, thinking that the baby would be born before the end of the night... were we ever wrong!  Aidan was being one stubborn little boy, refusing to budge from his safe haven of the past 9 months.  But he finally made his appearance at 1:01pm on July 27th.

I like to think that he was just waiting for me to arrive in town. =)

Anyway, here are a few photos of my sweet little nephew from the past couple of days:

His very first photo shoot, with my proud brother by his side!

Dad, Aidan and I on his first day into the world.
Falling in love with my sweet nephew!

Me with Aidan, after a rough first night, with some very nervous parents!

Aidan with his very proud CeCe!

Just more posing with Aidan!  He gets cuter by the minute!

His closeup!

Mom with Aidan again.

Proud daddy admiring his son.

CeCe looking down at her first grandson.
He's so incredibly adorable!  He's going to make it very difficult for me to go back to California next week.  I wish I could see him much more often than I'm going to be able to...

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