Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Meet Jade: Psycho Kitty + Bundle of Energy

So, around one month ago, we went out to eat for dinner at Big Wave Dave's Mongolian Grill, meeting up with Jacques on his way home from work.  Little did I know that we would be coming home with much more than just a full stomach.  I remember Jacques was still a bit sick (and I was still dealing with the stuffy-ear-problem) and recovering from a bad cough, and since we were already headed to Food Maxx to check out the movie selection from Redbox (although I cannot remember now, for the life of me, what movies we rented), we decided to buy some cough drops there too.

Well... just outside the door, there was a group of people with a basket of kittens.  They were giving them away free because the mother was allergic.  Erin instantly fell in love with the first kitten she held, this 6-week-old, multi-colored, longhaired tabby.  And yes, I have to admit, she was incredibly cute... and so tiny!  I ended up having the final say, and I'll be honest, there are some days that I wish to God I had said no.  But when I saw the way Erin's face lit up, I just couldn't.  I guess I'm a bit of a softie that way.

You have to understand, I am so NOT a cat person at all.  And I never have been.  My family grew up hating cats, so naturally, we only had dogs as pets.  I keep hearing people say that this kitten will turn me into a cat person eventually, but I can guarantee you, that will not happen.

However, she does make a great model for my photography (and I actually do enjoy photographing cats):

This is the look I often get from her... I'm always having to discipline her for getting into things I've already told her not to mess with, several times!

She likes to pose sometimes when she knows a camera's pointed at her.  This photo shows off her multi-colored coat, especially around her face.

Waving to the camera?  Or I caught her at just the right moment during a stretch.

Reaching for my hand, but she was getting tired so she just held the pose.

Just another cute moment captured!

She loves to bite... anything and everything.  We're trying to break her of that, at least from the aggressiveness.

Extreme closeup of her eyes... they're very interesting in the sunlight.  Though I wasn't really able to capture the full effect on film.

Caught one of her alter-ego moments, being a complete psycho kitty!
She's fascinated with seeing her own reflection in the tile for the first time.

Still captivated by her reflection.
For those who want to see her in action, here's a little compilation of some of the videos I've taken of her within this first month of having her.  I tried to include every aspect of her personality that I could find in the clips.

Notice how there aren't many photos of her sleeping?  Yeah this kitten seems to have an endless amount of energy and it takes a lot to wear her out enough to sleep!  And she doesn't need much time to "recharge" and do it all over again.  She's definitely a handful...

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