Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Scare + Sickness + Randomness

So 2012 didn't start out easy for us.  We had a scare with one of our Irish setters, Mari, towards the middle of January when she started acting a little off: not wanting to eat (which is very unusual for her, since she usually tries to eat the other two dogs' food) and being more lethargic than usual, plus some blood in her stool.  We apparently arrived at the vet too late for them to keep her overnight (more like, they just wanted to get home since it was closing time -.-) so we kept a close watch on her and weren't really sure if she would make it through.  But she did... and shortly after all of that, Jacques got violently sick for a couple days.. then a few days later I got violently sick.  Everyone's okay now, but it took about 2½ weeks for things to get back to normal around here.  And now I can't believe that it's already the beginning of February!

Anyway, since I last updated I haven't really had the chance to take any photos.  We've been busy with the sicknesses that came upon us, plus we have also been trying to save up to buy furniture for the new house so we haven't really gone out and done anything besides for that.  And with me not working at the moment, it's going to take longer than planned.

So I've kind of gone through my photos from 2011 and picked out a [VERY] random selection that never made it past my "editing room."  Until now, that is!

Plane taking off in the snow in Pittsburgh, PA.
Random sunset... I think this was around Tracy, CA.
Snow-covered flora in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Just driving through Brentwood, CA.
Random closeup, of the outside flap of a purse of mine.
Scene in Yosemite National Park.
Fallen tree in Yosemite National Park, at the Mariposa Grove.
Just me being a poser. :]
(And I cheated, this is actually from 2012)

There is something special possibly planned for February 11th, though.  So hopefully, I'll be updating around then with some photos of something that I have never experienced before!  -crosses fingers-

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