Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Keelan's Wedding

Alright... so I know I just started uploading the beginning of my photos from California, but I wanted to post the pictures that I took of my cousin's wedding from around 2½ weeks ago. My aunt (his mom) had asked me to be her "unofficial" photographer long before moving here became a reality. So, naturally, I said yes because I wanted to help her out and I could always use a good photo opportunity such as a beautiful fall wedding. (And it was really beautiful!)

The ceremony and following reception was held at a ranch near Greenwood, Arkansas. I wasn't able to get alot of the reception because it was held indoors and most of my photos came out incredibly blurry.

The setup before anyone else arrived.


Photos of the soon-to-be newlyweds in the front entry of the reception hall.

Also in the front entry of the reception hall ~ Lyndsey had this done to honor our late grandfather who died in 1997. Keelan (and the rest of our family) had no idea she had this done until the night before the wedding and it was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

My brother Aron was one of the ushers ~ here he is leading his future wife to her seat. My mom is ahead of them with the other usher.

Closer view of the arch before the ceremony started.

More of our family sitting in the row behind us ~ From left to right: Nataley, her boyfriend Don, Uncle Tommy (not paying attention), Aunt Robin (wondering what her son next to her is doing), Brad, Wesley, and his wife Holly.

Uncle Tommy, Aunt Robin and Brad posing.

Aron being silly with the purses that were used to save his seat until he finished ushering. His fiance Jennifer and my mom watching in amusement. Oh and the groomsmen walking to the arch in the background.

Keelan and his parents (Aunt Becky and Uncle Ken) walking down the aisle.

Lyndsey's parents.

Kara, Keelan's sister (and my cousin) was the first bridesmaid to walk down the aisle.

Flowergirls—Err, leaf-girls? They were putting leaves down instead of flowers!

Maids and matrons of honor watching the procession.

Cute bell-ringers, with mixed emotions? =P

Keelan watching his bride walk down the aisle towards him.

Lyndsey and her father making their way down the aisle.

The whole scene, minus groomsmen (there were too many heads in the way to get a clear shot).

Putting on Lyndsey's ring.

Catching a clear shot for the brief moment that the preacher stepped out of the way.

Now putting on Keelan's ring.

Lighting the unity candle.

Waiting for permission to kiss the bride.

The blurriness was a happy accident.

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt!

And in sepia tones!

The newlyweds!

The wedding party filing out.

Posing with the parents.

And now just Keelan's parents.

Keelan's family.

Lyndsey's family.

The first dance.

The guys ~ Wesley, Brad, Keelan and Aron.

The dancing train through the reception hall.

Before the wedding, my mom and I had gone to the nursing home that my grandmother lives in to visit her. Aunt Becky wanted me to get a picture of her so that she could put it in the scrapbook she was making for Keelan's wedding, just to honor her for the wedding even though she wasn't able to be there. We also got pictures of Granmama with us.

Here she is with my mom.

And with me.

It was a fun trip and I am glad I was able to be there to join in the occasion!

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